No matter what circumstances you face right now, you can live with happiness and joy. This course is designed to encourage you to embrace a happier life. You have everything you need right now to live a fulfilled and content life. Our culture tells us that we need more in life before we can be happy. We spend most of our time exhausted, disappointed and frustrated with life. Dr. LaHue draws on his 30+ years experience as a husband, father, professor and pastor working with people just like you to bring you the some of the most important lessons he has learned in life. Decide today to embrace life as it is and choose to live your life with joy.

Hi, I’m Dr. Tom LaHue

Dr. LaHue is a graduate of Johnson Univ, FL. He holds 3 master's degrees including an MDIV from Liberty Univ. His doctoral degree is from Grace College in Winona Lake, IN. Dr. LaHue has been married to Traci, his high school sweetheart for almost 30 years. Together they have 5 children and 3 grandkids. He has taught courses at Indiana Wesleyan University, Louisville Bible College and Johnson University.

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Live with joy!

Transcend the negativity of this modern world. How different would your life be lived, if it was lived in happiness already?

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Life is too short to live without happiness. Learn to change the way you think. Learn to change what your mind focuses on.